Easy mirror transformation with Rethunk Junk Paint

Mar 7, 2017

Today I want to show you an easy transformation using Rethunk Junk Paint by Laura. Ready?

I saw this vase at my local thrift store and I just had to have it – the aqua color with the gold peeking through. Oh my! It was just the inspiration I needed. And I thought Rethunk Junk’s Seaside Green would be the perfect match! (And it was!)

Easy mirror transformation



  • Paint brush. Any paint brush will do.
  • Rethunk Junk Prep. The spray used to clean off the dirt.
  • Rethunk Junk Paint. I used Seaside, a lovely shade of light green.
  • Shop towels, microfiber cloth, or clean rag.
  • A gold mirror or frame. This was my guinea pig for the day. I loved the curvy lines and how unique it was. Plus, it was gold! (Can you tell I love gold?)

Gold Mirror


  1. Spray “Prep” on the mirror. Wait a few seconds and wipe off.
  2. Paint the mirror. I used two layers. I didn’t bother taping off the mirror since it would have taken too much effort to do so.
  3. Grab a shop towel and make sure it is damp – not too wet.  Ever so lightly start wiping the edges of the mirror. You’ll notice that the paint will slowly come off, revealing the gold that was underneath. This is called wet distressing.
  4. Since I didn’t bother to tape off the mirror, I just used the damp shop cloth and wiped off the excess paint on the mirror.

See how easy that was?


How cute is this? How closely does it resemble my thrift store find? I love it!