End Table/Cabinet Transformation with Rethunk Junk Paint

Feb 21, 2017

Boy do I have a fun week planned for you! Not only has my website launched, but I’ve also reached 600 likes on Facebook (go ahead and say hi there) AND I have a fun challenge to showcase some of the new limited edition colors from Rethunk Junk Paint by Laura.

For today’s transformation, I’ll be working on making this cabinet/end table pretty again. I loved the details on this, and couldn’t wait to get my hands on this. It may look blah, but after a little TLC and love, it has turned into a beautiful and functional piece.


  • Paint brush. With Rethunk Junk I’m not too worried about what kind of brush since their paint is self-levelling.
  • Rethunk Junk Prep. The spray that is needed to clean off the dirt and grime on the piece of furniture.
  • Rethunk Junk Paint. Duh. Today I’m using one of Rethunk Junk’s limited edition colors, Timeless Teal. How lovely, right?

  • ReThunk Junk Tuff Top.
  • Fan. (Optional). Quickens the drying time.


  1. Remove hardware and clean it. There are tons of ideas to clean hardware including using ketchup, a crockpot, or baking soda. I just used baking soda and water since I had those on hand. Look at the before and after? I’m still debating on painting them, but for now they are clean.

  1. Prep it, prep it! Spray prep, wait a few seconds, and wipe it off. Really, prep it good because we want to make sure the paint sticks to the furniture. For this piece, I needed to “prep” it twice since it was quite dirty.

See what I mean? Ewwwww!

2.. Shake it, shake it. Shake the paint that is.

3. Start painting. The first layer may not look so pretty, but don’t get discouraged. After it dries, add another coat (or three) depending on how well the paint covers your piece. Two was all I needed for this one.


4. Turn the fan on (or wait for it to dry really well).

5. Glaze. I wanted to highlight those curves on the cabinet, so I applied Rethunk Junk’s Dark Glaze to it. I did one section at a time and wiped it off GENTLY with a damp rag. I can’t emphasize gently, unless you want paint to come off as you wipe off with the rag.

Ta-da! See how much difference the glaze makes?

6. Apply Tuff Top. You only need to apply Tuff Top to the areas that will be used more heavily, and usually that’s the flat surfaces.  Laura from Rethunk Junk jokingly says to apply as many layers as you have kids.That is my rule of thumb as well. Haha.



And here it is. How charming is it? Totally beautiful and functional too!

Now stay tuned, for more makeovers this week using more of Rethunk Junk’s limited edition colors. And if you check back this week, I’ll tell you how you can make this yours!

Cabinet Makeover using Rethunk Junk Paint by Laura in Timeless Teal, a limited edition color.

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