Today, I’d like to introduce you to another wonderful artist, Rhonda Dalton, from Pardeeville, Wisconsin. She’s the owner and artist behind This Life Goes On LLC, but many may know her as the lovely admin from The Artisan Markets.  Check out her lovely work. It’s so inspiring! 

Q: How did you get into painting furniture?

Rhonda: I have been involved in art in one way or another probably throughout my whole life, but I began to recognize the importance of it in eighth grade when I won a National Scholastic Art Award and my work traveled to the US Embassies around the world.  My artistic interest grew and I eventually graduated from UW-Oshkosh with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts.  I worked in the graphic design field for many years, but it was not where my heart was.  The fine arts and interior design were what I loved and gravitated towards.  I left the art world entirely as an opportunity came up to work for an international corporation.  I worked for this company for fourteen years, when it became apparent that the many reorganizations were not well suited for me, so after two years of deliberation, I decided to leave and help my husband with his sand and gravel business, help my aging parents with their needs and watch my niece’s little girl as much as time allowed.  I also wanted to get back to my artistic roots.

My sister, Cindy Lewis Bonneur, introduced me to chalk paint in 2012 and we took a course together.  That was all it took to spark that creative side in me again.  I began redoing furniture for friends and family at that point, and wanted to make a business out of it.  The two reasons for this business, my life’s work moving in a different direction, and changing the life of the furniture that I work on, came together and This Life Goes On LLC was born.

Q: What is a favorite piece that you’ve painted. Why did you love it?

Rhonda: I’d have to say my favorite piece to date is the dresser that I did for my niece.  It is a very meaningful piece to her, as it is has a picture of her on her horse on it doing what she is the best in the world at and it was a new challenge for me in doing a decoupage treatment of that size.

Q: What is your #1 tip for painting furniture?

Rhonda: My #1 tip for painting furniture is to just dive in and have fun!  If it doesn’t turn out as one thought it would, it can always be painted again (and I have had many).

Q: What do you do when your not painting?

Rhonda: When I’m not painting, I admin for The Artisan Markets, do bookwork for my husband’s business and watch my niece’s little girl.  In the summer I enjoy some time sitting out on our porch visiting with family and friends.  My husband and I like to travel, so we try to take a couple of vacations each year.

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