Round Table Makeover with Decoupage and Gold Glaze

Feb 24, 2017

Hello again! It’s day three of my challenge to try all the new limited edition colors from Rethunk Junk Paint by Laura. The other day I transformed a cabinet with Timeless Teal and a sweet nightstand makeover was made using Tea Rose.  For today’s transformation, I wanted to breathe new life into this cute little round table. I’ve been waiting to try Vintage Coral, another limited edition color from Rethunk Junk, and this couldn’t be more perfect!


Materials Needed:

  • Paint brush. With Rethunk Junk I’m not too worried about what kind of brush since their paint is self-levelling.
  • Rethunk Junk Prep. The spray that is needed to clean off the dirt and grime on the piece of furniture.
  • Rethunk Junk Paint. Today I’m using one of Rethunk Junk’s limited edition colors, vintage coral. Such a pretty soft coral if you’re looking for a pop of color.
  • Rethunk Junk Gunk. Similar to Mod-Podge (but better).
  • Decoupage paper. I found this pretty little decoupage paper at my local craft store.
  • Another paint brush to apply Rethunk Junk Gunk.
  • Rethunk Junk Gold Metallic Glaze.
  • Rethunk Junk Tuff Top.
  • Fan. (Optional). Quickens the drying time.


  1. Prep that baby! Spray prep, wait a few seconds, then wipe it off.


2. Shake paint.

3. Start painting. The first layer may not look so pretty, but don’t get discouraged. Think of it as a primer.

4. Apply second layer. Dry. See, so much better, right? (Don’t mind my mess.)

5. Apply Rethunk Junk Gunk with a paint brush to coat the entire top.

6. Place decoupage paper and flatten out gently. To flatten it out, I used my fingers. I then used my scissors to cut the excess off.

7. Apply Rethunk Junk Gunk to seal the top.

8. Apply Rethunk Junk gold glaze to the sides of the table to give it that extra pop. Make sure to apply a thin layer.

9. Protect top with Rethunk Junk Tuff Top.



And here she is in all her glory. Ain’t she perty?!?

Stay tuned for my last makeover with Rethunk Junk’s limited edition colors. And find out how you can make this yours! ‘Til next time, lovelies!

A round table makeover in a coral with a decoupaged top.