Stenciled Pretty in Pink Table

Mar 24, 2017

Goodness where has the time gone? It’s been a bit crazy with spring break coming up, so I whipped up this easy tutorial on this small, yet adorable table. See how she was looking beforehand? (Sorry about the lighting!)

Pretty Pink Table - Before




  • Paint brush. Any paint brush will do.
  • Rethunk Junk Prep. The spray that is needed to clean off the dirt and grime on the piece of furniture.
  • Dixie Belle “Plum Crazy” How lovely is this shade of pink?



  1. Clean the piece. I used my ever-so-trusty Prep from Rethunk Junk. Just spray it on, wait a few seconds, then wipe off.
  2. Grab your paint brush and start painting. See how it looks? I must admit, it had pretty good coverage considering this was the first layer.

  1. Apply a second layer.

3. I wanted to add a little dimension, so I thought dry brushing would be perfect. I used Rethunk Junk’s Vintage Coral and I thought it looked lovely. Remember dry brushing is as if there is no paint at all on the brush. I dipped my brush in the paint, then dabbed it on the paper towel.

Here’s how it first looked (brush lightly kissing the table)

Ta da! I dry brushed the entire table from the top to the legs.

4. Now for the fun part – stenciling! I used another Cutting Edge Stencil “Summer Blossom” and laid it down in the center of the table. I thought it would be perfect to try different colors, so I used Tea Rose (pink) for the middle, then Vintage Coral, and then Cherry Blossom around the outer edges. I absolutely love the different colors!

5. Now it’s time to seal the piece. I used Rethunk Junk’s Tuff Top to the top surface. Two or three layers will suffice.


What a wonderful pop of color! I love this color and can’t wait to work with it again.