Sweet pink nightstand transformation with Rethunk Junk Paint

Feb 23, 2017

It’s day two of my challenge to try all the new limited edition colors from Rethunk Junk Paint by Laura. Yesterday, I played with Timeless Teal and fell in love with the color. See the transformation here. For today’s transformation, I wanted to bring back this nightstand to life. With the elegant lines and curves, I thought Tea Rose would be perfect!



  • Paint brush. Any paint brush will do.
  • Rethunk Junk Prep. The spray that is needed to clean off the dirt and grime on the piece of furniture.
  • Rethunk Junk Paint. This time I wanted to try out this sweet Tea Rose pink. So adorable, right?

  • Rethunk Junk Tuff Top. Seals the piece.
  • Rethunk Junk Pearl Metallic Glaze
  • Fan. (Optional). Quickens the drying time.


  1. Remove hardware and clean it.
  2. Paint hardware. Rethunk Junk can be used on almost anything – including hardware. I “prepped” the hardware, then painted it in  Linen, an off white color. Once it dried, I added the Pearl Metallic glaze. Once that was dry I distressed it a bit with sandpaper.

3.Paint. Think of the first layer as primer. Once you paint the other layers, everything will come together. I promise. This was dark mahogany and I needed about three layers.

4. Turn the fan on to speed up drying. Or wait. The paint dries fast on its own but I’m impatient.

5. Apply pearl metallic glaze. I am in love with Rethunk Junk’s Pearl Glaze. Gosh, I would use this on everything if I could. For this particular piece, I added the pearl glaze to the sides and bottom of the nightstand for the extra oomph. Let me tell you, the pearl metallic glaze on the Tea Rose pink is just so beautiful! Pictures do not do it justice. Just make sure to apply thin coats. If you don’t like it, you can wipe off gently with a damp rag.

Look at the sparkles!

6. Apply Tuff Top. I applied only to the top surface. Two or three layers will suffice.

7. Ta-da! Looks beautiful!


Now, how adorable is this? I can imagine this in a sweet little girl’s bedroom or someone that isn’t afraid of a little pink in their life.

Pretty as pink nighstand transformation using Rethunk Junk by Laura's Tea Rose and Pearl Metallic Glaze.

Pink nighstand with pearl metallic glaze

We’ve officially completed two projects in two limited edition colors from Rethunk Junk by Laura. We have two more to go. And, as promised, stay tuned to see how you can make this sweetie yours.

A pink nighstand makeover in tea rose, a pretty pink, and a pearl glaze using Rethunk Junk Paint by Laura.

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